1. Steps towards Health: Social support for PLHIV who inject drugs. Implementation manual / Edited by A. Boyko, N. Dmytryshyna, N. Tiuleneva.  Kyiv: Poligraf Plus, 2016. 364 pages (in Ukrainian). http://respond.pactukraine.org.ua/file/6u.pdf

The Steps towards Health intervention was designed for PLHIV who inject drugs and is aimed at strengthening their adherence to services and treatment within the healthcare system.

The intervention combines individual counselling and comprehensive case management.  The intervention was designed based on the effective behavioral intervention Seven Steps adapted by the USAID’s RESPOND project from its original Psycho-Medical Intervention Model.

The manual outlines details of the intervention, methodologies, instruments, and the implementation strategy.


  1. Partner Health: The intervention on engaging sexual partners of PLHIV and PWID into the HIV counselling and testing services. Implementation manual
    / A. Boyko, N. Dmytryshyna, D. Darrow de Mora, N. Tiuleneva. Kyiv: Poligraf Plus, 2016.
    52 pages (in Ukrainian). http://respond.pactukraine.org.ua/file/7u.pdf

The Partner Health intervention is aimed at enrolling sexual partners of PLHIV and people injecting drugs into HIV counselling and testing services.

This manual contains detailed recommendations on motivating clients to disclose their PLHIV and/or PWID status and to enroll their sexual partners for HIV testing. The manual also contains the description of theories underlying the approaches to counselling, as well as recommendations for implementing organizations on staffing, work place design, interaction with medical facilities, etc. 

This manual is recommended for social workers, psychologists, medical providers and other specialists working in the field of HIV prevention and social support to PLHIV.


  1. Integrated opioid addiction treatment in primary health care settings: Training tutorial / Dvoryak S. V., Karagodina O. G., Morozova O. S., Pykalo I. I.,
    Dumchev K. V. – Kyiv: Oleg Fedorov’s Printing House, 2016. 76 pages. ISBN 978-617-7380-74-9 (in Ukrainian). http://respond.pactukraine.org.ua/file/8u.pdf

The training tutorial on theIntegrated opioid addiction treatment in primary health care settings is focused on the current public health issue: the provision of comprehensive medical services to patients with drug addiction, and particularly those with comorbidities, such as HIV and TB.

Treatment of this key population within primary care settings allows for a significant increase in coverage and a reduction of stigma and discrimination against people with opioid addiction.

The tutorial was designed for family doctors, narcologists, interns, and mid-level health professionals working in medication-assisted treatment programs and programs providing integrated treatment of socially significant comorbid conditions.


  1. Seven Steps: A сognitive behavioral intervention to preventHIV, STI, and viral hepatitis among injecting drug users through individual counselling and case management. Implementation Manual / Edited by A. Boyko, N. Dmytryshyna,
    L. Duma. Kyiv, 2016. 214 pages (in Ukrainian). http://respond.pactukraine.org.ua/file/9u.pdf

This combination of methods in this intervention promotes behavioral changes that lead to reductions in risk behavior, general health improvement and further promote a healthy lifestyle. The intervention includes the following strategies: willingness to change, motivational counselling, development of self-efficiency and comprehensive case management.

The original manual on the Seven Steps intervention can be found at www.effectiveinterventions.org under the title Modelo de Intervención Psicomédica (MIP).

The manual was designed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Materials detailing the implementation of the intervention have been translated and adapted to the Ukrainian context.


  1. Mpowerment project implementation manual / Edited by Y. Sarankova, A. Boyko. – Kyiv: Poligraf Plus, 2016. 364 pages (in Ukrainian). http://respond.pactukraine.org.ua/file/10u.pdf

Mpowerment is an integrated intervention designed in the US in the early 1990s  as an evidence-based approach to HIV prevention among young MSM (18-29 years old).

Mpowerment seeks to develop safe sexual practices and HIV testing as a social norm within the MSM community. The approach applied in the intervention is unique as HIV prevention and testing are seamlessly built into a broader range of activities of interest  to the MSM community.

The original  Mpowerment manual can be found at http://mpowerment.org/. It was adapted to the Ukrainian context for implementers, and it is relevant for social workers, psychologists and other specialists working in the field of the HIV prevention among MSM.